Selecting the Right Blinds for Your Home

When you are planning the décor of your home, and need to choose which blinds to use for the doors and windows, it may seem like a challenging task. The lack of choice is not the problem here; instead, the many options available make the task difficult. Opting for vertical blinds could be a good idea.

Why is it a better option? Whether you need to ensure privacy or needs to keep the heat and cold out, vertical blinds serve both purposes. Moreover, these blinds create an illusion of length, making your room appear bigger than it is. If combining aesthetics and utility is your objective, these are certainly the right choice.

Do you think that determining this is enough? If yes, you are mistaken. You need to consider certain factors before you shop for these. The material, color, texture, pattern, and opacity are important considerations. You also need to decide on:

Is it made-to-measure? If the blinds do not match the exact dimensions of the windows, they would be of no use. Find a service that offers custom-made ones to fit all the doors and windows of your home.

Is it machine-cut and folded? Only this would ensure that every slat of the blinds is equal in size, and therefore, straight.

Is it sewn or glued? Glued blinds may not be a good option as the heat from the outside as well as from the heating system would affect the bonds. It is better to choose sewn vertical blinds instead.

Is it easy to control? The chain and cord system is the better option when it comes to controlling the opening and closing. Make sure the control system is easy to operate.

Is it too heavy? Not only the material (fabric, suede, wood, or any others), the head-rail, hook, cord weight, bottom chain, and all other parts of the vertical blinds need to be lightweight for easy installation and maintenance.

Is it washable? If cleaning the blinds were a tough task, it would be difficult for a homemaker to take care of the task. It is better to consider easily washable options.
Selecting the blinds that serve your purpose, add to your home décor, and fit your budget is easy, only when you know how to do it right.

Trendy window blinds could help keep the home cool

Homeowners without energy-efficient windows could opt for window blinds to keep their homes cool.

Fitting trendy window blinds across the home could be a cost-effective way for homeowners to keep their homes cool during the hot summer months, it has been stated.

Record hot temperatures are expected following one of the driest starts to the year in recent times, which has already resulted in a hosepipe ban in the northwest by United Utilities.

While energy-efficient windows could be handy in keeping the home cooler during the hot summer months, those who cannot afford them yet could opt for window blinds, one expert claimed.

According to home improvement specialist Jon Sims, whites, off-whites, neutral colors, and earth tones are trendy and the most economical, yet aesthetically pleasing options are two-inch faux-wood blinds, Reporter-News revealed.

In addition to boosting the decor of the home, window blinds can also offer privacy and security by preventing people or opportunistic burglars from seeing what is contained in the residence.