DIY Tips For The Whole Home

When I think to do it yourself projects to update the home I think about painting first. Nothing renews a space like a coat of paint. If you are clueless as to the colors you want for your space try finding a specific piece such as a painting, lamp, rug, curtains, or even a piece of jewelry before looking at any paint colors. Design your room around that object using the colors as inspiration.

The living room is where most spend the majority of their time so you may decide to start there. Safe colors do not have to be mean boring. Earth tones flow harmoniously with contemporary space and make designing other rooms easier. Stay away from primary colors like red, blue, and yellow if you decide on earth tones. Umbra or terra cotta can make the space feel relaxing and calm. Flooring, counter surfaces, and furniture will be easy to match with earth tones. To keep it simple make one room your bold accent space and let the others fall behind in more subtle tones.

Your bedroom is another space where you spend a lot of time. This is another area that many choose to fix up when they are updating the interior of their home. Uncomplicated DIY projects for the bedroom include new lighting, fixtures, or a new headboard.

Building your headboard might seem like a daunting task, but it can be simple. It will create new artwork for your bedroom. Use stretched fabric over a large artist canvas or salvaged windows with colorful foam board instead of glass in the panes. If you are not quite that crafty try using an old mirror from a dresser or vanity, or an old door. If you have a small budget, try stenciling a headboard on the wall with paint and stencil from a local craft store.

For the bathrooms add a new sink or shower fixtures. If you want to make simple, easier changes try a new shower curtain, laundry hamper, artwork, towel bar, or shelves for your towels.

Kitchens can be updated with a coat of paint or updated hardware on the cabinets. Even small, countertop appliances can change the color scheme of your kitchen and give it a brand new feel.

Try finding small pieces like picture frames, throw pillows, floor lamps, and flower arrangements that can change the overall feeling of your space giving it a personal touch.

Easy DIY projects can give your entire home a new look. Your DIY projects can range from very large to very small, whether you are very creative and crafty or not so much. Why not get home insurance on

A Perfect Home

Are you just married and eager to start a family and can’t wait to buy a family home so that you can raise your children in it? Buying a home, especially a family home for your family can be very exciting. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing for a lot of people, and if you want the house to be 100% yours, you can always opt to customize your own home by buying land and build it from scratch instead of buying a ready made house.
It doesn’t sound so practical, isn’t it? It is not only time-consuming and full of hassle, but then again it is worth considering if you truly want to settle down with your loved ones and live in that particular home for many more years to come. The apartment may not be so ideal if you intend to raise children or keep a domestic pet or two. Most apartments have a ‘no pets policy and you’re not allowed to keep a pet in an apartment.

Building a house from scratch is not hard as people claim it to be. All you need is a correct resource and a legit contractor that will not ditch you halfway during the construction period.

American Home Shield, for example, is a company that provides legit contractors for all your construction needs. They even have homeowners warranties for each house that they construct. They are also very effective and competitive where pricing is concerned, so if you want to build your own family home, you should look them up and start making your dreams come true.